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We have some delicious news for the cats of New Zealand – introducing our new Aussie-made WHISKAS® kibble recipes! We know how special meal time is for you and your beloved feline friend, so here’s a little overview of what’s new; how to help ease your cat through a diet transition; and where to go for more help. 

What’s new?​


Purrs galore: Our updated range features a diverse selection of tastes for the fussiest of cats! From Chicken & Rabbit Flavours to Beef & Lamb Flavours, each recipe is designed for deliciousness – all the whilst delivering the complete and balanced nutrition your cat needs. 


Zip it up! Our new packaging will make it easier for you to find your cat’s favourite flavour on shelf, and the zip closure gives you the ultimate product freshness. Even better, the WHISKAS kibble bags can be recycled by returning them to supermarkets and other stores via the Soft Plastics Recycling bins. For more information, head to


Feed fast: Navigating the cat food aisle just got easier! We've revamped our packaging to feature clear, easy-to-read labels that make it simple to find your cat's favourite flavour. Whether you're shopping in-store or online, you can quickly identify the perfect meal for your furry friend. If you need help picking your cat’s next favourite meal – here’s our suggestions for some similar flavours:​


How to transition your cat’s diet

We understand that change can be daunting for your cat! Transitioning your cat to a new food can be a delicate process, but here are some tips to help you on the transition:

  1. Gradual Introduction: Start by mixing small amounts of the new WHISKAS formula with your cat's current food. Slowly increase the proportion of the new food over time, allowing your cat to acclimate to the change at their own pace.
  2. Patience and Persistence: It's normal for cats to be cautious of new flavours and textures, so be patient and persistent during the transition period. Encourage your cat to try the new food by offering it in a calm and relaxed environment.
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Psst Psst Psst – We're here to help!

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition process, or suggestions on which product to try next, please contact our Consumer Care team. Our cat lovers are here to help with your questions and concerns! Send them an email on our FAQ page or give us a call on 0800 440 111.​

Help me learn more

Q: What has happened across the WHISKAS® Dry Range? Why have you changed the range?

If you’ve had a WHISKAS-loving moggie with you for some time, you may know that the past few years have presented some curved balls in the way of supply as a result of COVID-19. As New Zealand’s #1 cat food brand*, we take our role feeding Kiwi cats very seriously and are committed to ensuring they are always able to be kept fed and healthy. Our new range brings our sourcing closer to home, which allows us more certainty to react faster to unprecedented events and ensure we will always have stock on shelves for our beloved furry friends.

Thankfully, the new range still includes products suited for cats of all ages and furball needs in exciting new flavours. These have been named to help our consumers easily navigate and identify the best product for their cat, highlighting the meat and fish inclusions. We have also shifted to a new recloseable bag for sealed in freshness.

*Nielsen Total Supermarket Total WHISKAS® Value Sales 10/06/2024

Q: Why is my cat’s favourite flavour no longer available?

The old range is being replaced with our new flavour range. Our new recipes are easier to find on shelf, with new names to highlight the delicious meat and fish content that your cat loves. These new recipes have similar base flavours that your cat is used to - for example, if you usually feed Seafood Flavour Selections, we recommend transitioning your cat to our new Seafood flavour alternative, Sardine & Prawn Flavours. If you usually feed Hairball Control, we recommended trying the new Furball Control product. You can find our recommended substitutes by scrolling up on this page.

Q: My cat doesn’t like any of the new flavours. Have you changed the recipe?

Yes, our recipes are different to our old flavours. We know that some cats can be sensitive to changes to their food, and it may take them a number of days to adjust to the new diet. Mixing your existing pet food with the new food for about 5 days is the ideal approach to transitioning your pet's food, and we have included a transition guide on pack. This enables your pet's digestive system to adjust without experiencing gastrointestinal problems. Unfortunately the old flavours are no longer available for sale.

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Q: Why have you changed the packaging of the WHISKAS® Dry range?

We are committed to continually improving our products to respond to consumer feedback in an effort to ensure we provide the best products for their cats, every single time. Our new kibble packaging will make it easier for you to find your cat’s favourite flavour on shelf, and the zip closure gives you the ultimate product freshness and helps cut down on food waste. Additionally, they are eligible for soft plastic recycling by returning them to supermarkets and other stores via the Soft Plastics Recycling bins. For more information, head to

Q. Why was it necessary to move away from paper-based packing WHISKAS bags?

Every country has different recycling infrastructure strengths and weaknesses. Paper-based bags are lined with a thin layer of plastic to protect its content, which unfortunately made it non-recyclable in New Zealand. Here in New Zealand the recycling of paper and paper-based products is a big challenge because any form of contamination of the paper or cardboard (e.g. ink, glue, plastic or food) complicates the recycling process and reduces recycling efficiency. On the other hand, our Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme is very efficient at recycling soft plastics. The recycling happens in-country and the end products can be recreated in to fence posts and other materials, which provides certainty that the packaging will be recycled if it is disposed of correctly.

Q: Have you reduced the size of the WHISKAS® Dry range? The bag seems smaller than the old range? – is it the same weight?

We have a range of new pack weight ranges: 0.8kg, 1.8kg, 3kg and 6.5kg.

Our new pack weights aims to enhance product freshness and simplify feeding time, storage and access to the product. The new bags are made of a vacuum-packed sturdy plastic, sometimes giving it the appearance of being smaller, and is designed to further retain freshness both before and after your cat is able to their mittens on the kibble.

We have moved our Kitten, Senior and Furball flavours to a smaller bag as we know kittens and senior cats typically eat smaller quantities and furballs are often a temporary challenge. On top of enabling optimal product freshness, this reduces overcommitment for a functional need.

Q. The feeding guidelines have changed, how much should I feed my cat?

We’ve simplified the weight categories on pack to make it easier for you to read. We know that many New Zealand cat owners like to mix feed with both wet and dry food, so we’ve provided a mixed feeding guide on pack to help your cat receive the right amount of calories for their lifestyle. As with all feeding guides, please adapt the amount of food you feed based on the activity level and specific requirements of your cat.

Q. What is Mars Petcare doing to advise consumers of the change in packaging?

We are committed to continually improving our products to respond to market trends and consumer feedback, to ensure we provide the best quality cat food products.

We have invested in several avenues to call the change out and communicate the WHISKAS® kibble packaging change to consumers including:

  • Digital media via our website and Facebook page;

  • Print media including catalogue advertising, out of home billboards;

  • Television and online video channels including YouTube and Video on Demand services; and

  • Point of sale material at the shelf.

Similarly, we are working with our trade partners to update the WHISKAS® kibble range across supermarket shelves. 

Q: What is the new price of the WHISKAS® Dry range?

The recommended retail price for the WHISKAS® Dry range varies according to the pack size, with greater value on some of the larger pack sizes.