Did you know that some cats will purr to get cuddles? They learn from an early age that purring is a good way to get their owners' attention, who are likely to oblige and make more of a fuss of their clever cat.

Kittens start communicating through purrs when they are a few days old and is just one of the many methods of non-verbal communication felines use to convey their moods and needs.

As a cat owner, you’re probably familiar with the relaxing, ‘all is well’ purrs as you cuddle and stroke your furry friend. But not all purrs are of contentment – cats also purr when they are stressed, in pain or unwell. This is because it’s thought that purrs reassure and soothe, promote healing and reduce pain.

All cats are individuals however, and it’s fair to say that ten different cats will have ten different reasons for purring so it’s important to get to know you’re little cat and their way of communicating.